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Seeding and Fertilization
Seeding and Fertilization

Hire A Lawn Care Expert For Seeding And Fertilization In Charlotte, NC

To maintain a lush, healthy lawn, you need the right balance of fertilizers and seed. Rely on Lawngevity Landscaping & Maintenance, LLC to help you create a gorgeous lawn. We’ll assess your grass and soil situation to understand what nutrients may be lacking. Once we get a good look at your plants and grass on your property, we’ll recommend specific seeding or fertilizers to meet your needs.

Call a landscaper in Charlotte, NC today to learn more about the importance of fertilizing your lawn.

3 Signs Your Lawn Needs Seeding

Lawngevity Landscaping & Maintenance, LLC makes it easy to maintain a stunning landscape. We offer seeding services to help restore lawns. Your grass may need attention from our lawn care pros if:

  1. You have different colors and textures of grass
  2. You see patches of bare spots throughout your lawn
  3. You notice a dramatic increase in weeds or crab grass

Get in touch with Lawngevity Landscaping & Maintenance, LLC by calling 704-777-7765 today for a seeding installation appointment. 

Seeding and Fertilization
Seeding and Fertilization