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Mulch and Pine Needles
Mulch and Pine Needles

Upgrade Your Lawn Care With Mulch And Pine Needles Installation

Fresh mulch or pine needles in your flower beds can make a world of a difference for your curb appeal. If you want to enhance the appearance of your property, get in touch with Lawngevity Landscaping & Maintenance, LLC for top-quality mulch and pine needle installation services. We’ll visit your property and discuss your landscaping ideas with you to determine how much pine needles or mulch is needed for your project.

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Why Choose Mulch Or Pine Needles?

Pine needles or mulch? The choice comes down to how you want your yard to look. Each material is a great option for landscaping and both come with many benefits. Here are three reasons to use mulch or pine needles for your landscaping:

  1. Mulch and pine needles don’t need replacing often
  2. They insulate plant roots to promote growth
  3. They prevent weeds and enhance soil quality 

Connect with Lawngevity Landscaping & Maintenance, LLC today to make the switch to pine needle or mulch. 

Mulch and Pine Needles
Mulch and Pine Needles